Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anthony Robbins' case study on Jason Graciano from Paragon Honda

Jason Graciano was recently hand picked to participate in a case study on success in business conducted by Anthony Robbins

Jason started his career in sales at the early age of 16, sold everything from knives to real estate, from energy drinks to life insurance. He then joined the automotive industry in 2004 as a retail automobile salesperson and has worked his way up the ranks while maintaining his stick-ability and consistency in performance. Throughout his career in car sales and managing people in the busiest Honda store in the country and the number one volume store in the world for new and used Hondas, in his time there he has been able to pick up many techniques and learn important principles that are crucial to running a successful business. Although there have been some hiccups in the economy and national decrease in sales in the auto industry, Paragon Honda, the store that he has helped manage since 2006 has had increases year over year. One of the areas where Jason stands out the most is in developing people, he is able to take an entry level salesperson from never selling a car to being able to handle a whole transaction from A-Z with little or no help in a fairly short period of time. His method of teaching the salespeople is effective and has shown consistent results, with low turnover, great customer satisfaction combined with profitable transactions for the company. His self-sufficient approach has helped salespeople grow throughout their careers and transition into different positions easily and successfully.
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